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Mental Health Helpline For Wales

Community Advice & Listening Line

Offering a confidential listening and support service


0800 132 737

Or text help to



CALL Helpline has access to nearly 2,000 leaflets that we can send out, free of charge, to anyone living in Wales.

Due to the number and diversity of leaflets held, only a selection have been listed. These leaflets can be ordered online, up to a maximum of three.

If you do not see the leaflet that you require please contact the helpline and speak to an adviser.

Please Note: Literature will only be sent out to callers whose postal address is in Wales

Helpline promotional materials order form


5 Things You Should Know About Dementia
Age Uk - Caring For Someone With Dementia
Anxiety, Panic And Phobias
Carers Wales..Looking After Someone
Change Step - Aged Veterans
Combat Stress Support For Members Of Uk Reserve Forces
Debt And Mental Health
Dementia And Memory Problems
Depression And Men
Discarded Needles And Syringes - Advice To The Public From Drug Litter Line
Drink Wise, Age Well..Family,Friends And Carers Guide
How To Beat Stress
How To Cope As A Carer - Mind
How To Look After Your Mental Health
How To Manage And Reduce Stress
How To Support Someone Who Feels Suicidal
Living With Bereavement (for Children)
Make It Count - Mental Health Foundation
Mental Health Effects Of Recreational Drugs And Alcohol
Mental Health Foundation - How To Look After Your Mental Health In Later Life
Mind - How To Manage Stress
Mind - Making Sense Of Mindfulness
Mind - Quick Tips On Loneliness
Mind - Quick Tips On Money And Mental Health
Mind - Quick Tips On Workplace Wellbeing
Mind - Understanding Anxiety And Panic Attacks
Money And Mental Health - Mind
Mycare - Mental Health Foundation
Ocd Youth E-Helpline
Reduce Your Christmas Stress
Seeking Help For A Mental Health Problems - Mind
Self Harm In Young People: For Parents And Carers
Self Help For Stress
Some Ideas To Help You Reduce Stress In Your Life
Step Change -Worried About You Debts? You`re Not Alone
Surviving Adolescence - A Toolkit For Parents.
Talking To Your Gp About Mental Health
Tess - Mindfulness Meditation
Think When You Drink Unit Calculator (dan24/7 Wheel)
Understanding Mental Health Problems
Whatever Life Brings..Understanding Your Child`s Mental Health
Worries & Anxieties - Helping Children To Cope

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