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Children and young people

Everything may seem very strange at the moment and out of the ordinary because of the Coronavirus.

You may be feeling lots of different emotions and that’s ok. The good news is there are things you can do.

Try using CALM to help keep well and to take care of your feelings, your body, your thoughts and what you are doing day to day:

Calming Activities
Attending to basic needs
Learning to re-think
Making yourself feel good

There are also other great websites where you can find advice and people you can talk to by phone or online if you need.

Calming activities

Doing things that help you feel calm can be good to do every day, not just when you are really 'worked up' or 'upset'.

Attending to basic needs

It's important to think about your basic needs. These are things that your body needs to keep well and in turn helps the way you feel.

Learning to re-think

Our brains are very good at worrying, when things are different or uncertain, our thoughts can get stuck.

Making yourself feel good

There are lots of things you can do to feel good, even in tough times. It is ok to laugh and joke, and to enjoy yourself, especially when things are difficult and different.

Other advice online

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