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Health for Health Professionals Wales is a free, confidential service now available to ALL those working within NHS Wales requiring mental health support. The service will also support returning retired staff and healthcare professionals. Offer`s Self-help, Guided self-help, Peer support and Virtual face to face therapies with accredited specialists. The helpline will put you through to one of our doctor advisors who will talk you through your options and put you in touch with one of the helplines therapists. This is a free service. To access our Guided self-help, Peer support and Virtual face to face services contact us between Monday to Friday, 9am 5pm. If you need to speak to someone out of hours please telephone the BMA counselling service on 0330 123 1245. Remember you don`t have to be a member of the BMA to use the service. Please visit website or twitter account @hhpwales for more information and out of hours support The service is fully funded by the Welsh Government and administered by Cardiff University.

If you need more information on this agency or other agencies offering a similar service, please phone CALL Helpline on 0800 132 737.