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Protect - whistleblowing advice


The Green House
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020 3117 2520

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020 3117 2520


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It is a charity and its aim is to help ensure that workers concerns about serious malpractice in the work place are raised and addressed, so reducing the risk of danger to the public and damage to the organisation. This service is a free legal advice centre and anyone can talk to them without breaching any terms of employment or duty of confidentiality. You can make an initial enquiry anonymously if you wish to. It also provides professional services to employers to establish policies and procedures for whistle-blowing. Concerns at work could be about: Fraud Abuse of patients or children in care Design defects Dumping toxic waste Dangerous practices at work Corruption They cannot advise callers on private employment disputes or general employment legislation.

If you need more information on this agency or other agencies offering a similar service, please phone CALL Helpline on 0800 132 737.