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ONLY GIRLS AND WOMEN OF ANY AGE CAN CONTACT THE HELPLINE If you are under 24yrs you can contact TESS text and email support service for girls and young women affected by self-injury open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evenings, 7pm to 9.30pm. National, confidential service. Text 07537 432444, or email - go to website and click on link to TESS text and email support, and then email TESS. Callers from Wales can access any of our services Self Injury Support is a national charity that offers support to women and girls, with a particular focus on self-injury, (often called self-harm). They also provide information resources and training. The information available is a range of leaflets, booklets and research on the issues surrounding self-injury, including information for young people who self-injure, a training pack and good practice guidelines for people working with people who self-injure. They have information about self-injury in a number of languages and formats, including interactive online resources, and a range of downloadable information sheets. They have completed research looking at self-injury and people with learning disabilities and have a range of resources available, including a workbook and DVD. Please telephone, email or see website for more details. They also offer training to people working with those who self-injure. These are either in the form of one day workshops for individuals or they offer training to organisations. This training can be tailored to the specific needs of particular organisations.

If you need more information on this agency or other agencies offering a similar service, please phone CALL Helpline on 0800 132 737.