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0800 132 737

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Helpline Service Standards

What users of the helpline services department can expect:

A copy of these aims and any Policy documents they relate to can be provided in writing upon request.

Privacy and Data Protection Policy

User Anonymity & Personal Information on CALL: Log files are maintained and analysed of all requests for data on the CALL web site. Aggregated analyses of these log files are used to monitor website usage. All log file information collected by CALL is kept secure and no access to raw log files is given to any third party.

When making contact with our service any information that we have will be used to inform emergency services if we are concerned about your safety or that of another person.

SMS Messages: This is not a completely confidential service as your telephone number is displayed when we receive your message. To maintain your security we will delete your messages after two months along with any paper copies that we hold.

Disclaimer / Reliability of Information

CALL uses its best efforts to ensure the accuracy and reliability of information on CALL websites in accordance with the policies defined for CALL. However, no guarantees are made that the information contained on CALL or associated, or linked to websites is accurate, complete and current at any given time. Information presented on CALL or associated sites may be changed at any time. The resources made available on CALL are intended to assist users in Wales in their use of health related services and are for information only. Nothing on this website is intended to constitute advice to you. Specific advice should be sought in specific situations from a properly qualified health worker. Content on CALL is governed by a number of policies and guidelines.

Links to External Websites

The provision on the CALL website of a link to another Website does not constitute any authorisation to access material held at that location. Links to sites are provided for informational purposes only and no responsibility is accepted for the quality of resources to be found on such websites. The contents and material made available on linked sites are completely out of our control and as such no liability is accepted for any damages resulting from accessing or failing to access these sites. No endorsement is expressed or implied by the presence of a link on the CALL website. The contents of a linked-to website may change without our knowledge and as a result, links may break or may terminate on pages which were not the original targets of a link. No responsibility or liability for the privacy of personal information is accepted for linked to websites, as these are beyond our control.